UFC Brasilia Recap

  • The Fight Guy is so hot right now. I didn’t start this hobby to make money betting on fights. As a matter of fact I think my hobby has evolved away from gambling, but the past 4–5 fight cards I’ve been crushing it. Every time I listen to a YouTube channel talking about the fights, there’s always a 10 minute spiel of how to give that person money so you can buy their “Premium Picks.” Next they will elaborate on how they may have lost recently, but in the long run they always win. Don’t buy people’s gambling picks. The Fight Guy’s giving you free content every week. I promise you, The Fight Guy does his homework, the betting recommendations here are as good as anyone's “Premium Picks.” The difference is I dole out betting advice because I love the sport, this is a hobby I enjoy.
  • I have one more dude recommendation. There are levels to “dudes that can help.” We are all familiar with “The dude with the truck.” That’s dude that can help level 1. I just recently reached dude level 2 status, “Dude with a laser level.” Dude with a laser level feels good, I’d highly recommend it.
  • Charles Oliveira has won 7 fights in a row, all by stoppage. The critique was, “He hasn’t beaten anyone in the top 10.” Well, he has now, and I got news for everyone, Charles Oliveira is really good. He also might be an energy stone guy. When I told my friend about Jared Cannonier bringing his energy stones to the post fight interview he replied, “If I ever see you with an energy stone, I’m fighting you.” These are important friends to have in life. But, known energy stone fighters are 2–0 on the big stage, don’t bet against crazy in MMA.
  • I’m not sure what got into Renato Moicano. He chokes the guy out early in Round 1, then hovers over him talking crap as if it was Mcgregor Khabib. I’m watching this unfold, wondering what happened between those 2 that made him act like that. Apparently, literally, nothing. He was upset there were no fans in his hometown of Brasilia. The excuse, “There’s a worldwide pandemic going on right now” did not sit well with Renato Moicano for lack of fans. “I wanted to fight more.” “Then you shouldn’t have submitted me.” is an all time exchange inside the octagon. Moicano wants a top 7 opponent at 155 lbs because he was ranked top 7 at 145 lbs. That’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works. I wouldn’t mind seeing Renato Moicano vs Gregor Gillespie, Beneil Dariush, or Drew Dober.
  • Dana White is going to have a real problem booking these fights amid the global pandemic that is the coronavirus. The Nevada Athletic Commision seems to be putting a holding pattern on the UFC using the APEX to schedule all of their fights. Dana White is determined to continue having fights, but there are some real problems to overcome. First, Ashlee Evans Smith packed her bags and left on a jet plane saying, “I’m aware I don’t know when I’ll be back again.” (John Denver Anyone?) She left for UFC London. America isn’t allowing people into the country due to the coronavirus. What a stud, right? London decided they aren’t hosting UFC London due to coronavirus concerns. I don’t have confirmation but I image Ashlee Evans Smith is either on that jet plane or in London without a fight. That’s kind of messed up, but the question is, “Where is Dana White going to have these fights? I guarantee you Dana White is enjoying the UFC being literally the only show in town. But where will all of these fights be held? You know what I’d do? Rent a cruise ship, set up an octagon, and broadcast these fights from the weather deck in international waters. With the cruise ship industry the way it is, that’s a solutions oriented idea if you ask me. I have no idea what Dana’s going to do, but I do know he’s determined to have fights. I’m kind of partial to my cruise ship idea, maybe upgrade to an aircraft carrier Tony Khabib. No, you know what? Put Tony-Khabib in a submarine. Maybe you can be in international waters but still close enough to run a hard wire to the mainland for broadcasting purposes? All contingent on the Atlantic Ocean Athletic Commission of course. Think of the money you’d save on taxes…



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